Love / ジェイニー・クルーワー

14 Tracks / 2012-04-04 / ポップ

  • Love (feat. Peter Cetera, Jaimee Paul, Marc Jordan, Joe Chemay, Tamara Champlin & Bill Champlin)
  • Fallin' in Love (feat. Bill Champlin)
  • Won't Go Back (feat. Randy Waldman)
  • Two Shooting Stars (feat. Marc Jordan)
  • Can't Let You Go With My Heart (feat. Richard Marx)
  • Impossible (feat. Joshua Payne)
  • Call Me Romantic (feat. Jay Graydon)
  • God's Perfect Plan (feat. Peter Cetera)
  • Only Time Will Tell (feat. Eric Carmen)
  • Forever Valentines (feat. Bill Champlin)
  • Exposed (feat. Neal Coomer)
  • Lovers Are Never Lost (feat. Bruce Gaitsch)
  • The Last Words You Said (feat. David Davidson)
  • If Only for Tonight (feat. Joe Chemay)